Here is the list of games available to play at the Radius Exhibition at the White Space Venue in London June 19 - 21!

If you can't make it to London then do not all is lost: We'll also be showcasing and talking about the games on our Radius Live Show broadcast via Twitch on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 7pm UK time. Our channel is:

FRIDAY, 20th of June
10:00am to 5pm

SATURDAY, 21st of June

10:00am to 5pm

THURSDAY, 19th of June
10:30am to 5pm



Each day we also have a working bar at the White Space Venue, operated by the lovely people from The Loading Bar.




We also have the MINECRAFT COCKTAIL BOT for all three days! What is it? The Minecraft Cocktailbot is a classic PC that dispenses cocktails out of it’s floppy drive. It is controlled by combining certain blocks and putting them on an altar, then sacrificing them to the Gods in a beautifully crafted world in the game Minecraft.